The Scary Secret about Sugar: Advanced Aging and Other Things Folks Don't Talk About

We’ve known for YEARS that sugar is wreaking havoc in our bodies. Due to countless documentaries, some of us consider ourselves educated sugar consumers. We’ve all been through a sugarless phase: a painful and long couple of days perhaps. It’s virtually impossible these days to go a day with out eating some form of sugar (fruits, remember?). Yes, some sugars are natural, and our body loves them! You may make your case in the following manner, “How can you say fruits have sugar that actually counts as ‘sugar’?” The problem lies with our current 21st century diets. Back in the good ol’ days, folks ate fruits when they were in season. Contrary to what our children may think, bananas don’t grow on trees in our part of the world (Utah). And if you manage to get a few to pop up, they won’t bear fruit year round. 

But I digress. What you are really here to find out is if what was claimed in the header is true… “Can sugar make me age faster? I don’t remember that in any of the documentaries..”

Dr. Andrew Nish, MD from UnityPoint Health, in an online article from LiveWell with Unity Point Health titled “Why Your Sweet Tooth Makes You Look Older”,  breaks down the science. “Aging is a part of growing older, but it’s accelerated by sugar. Without getting too technical, at the end of each strand of our DNA is a little cap, called a telomere, which protects our DNA from damage. Every time our DNA is read and duplicated, those telomeres shorten. While our bodies normally replace those telomeres, sugar quickens the shortening, thereby advancing the aging process,” Dr. Nish says.

Another (more digestible) way to think of it is this- A banana has lots of sugar in it right? What happens when you peel it? It quickly turns brown. The sugars in the banana react with the proteins, which causes the browning reaction. The exact same reaction happens in our body, causing “browning” from the inside out.

Sugar has other affects on the skin. Our skin is made up of collagen and elastin, which is why our skin is supple and soft. Sugar reacts with collagen, which results in less elastic and stiffer skin- which means more wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, and slower healing. 

The obvious solution- eat less sugar! 

Since we’ve already stated earlier how difficult that is, we offer another solution- use PrimaSkin! 

Our formula has nano sized collagen ready to get in the fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There’s no shame in enjoying the sweet stuff, but there is in doing nothing to counter the effects! 


Stay Lovely,

The PrimaSkin Team

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