WIN $1,500

Enter our "before & after" photo contest for a chance to win!


"I could never win..." WRONG! In this contest, everyone who enters wins a $25 discount for their purchase of PrimaSkin! Below is a description of all the ways YOU could win. 


  • Everyone who enters wins a $25 discount towards their purchase of PrimaSkin.
  • Everyone whose "before & after" photos are used on our website will win a 3-month supply of PrimaSkin ($180 Value).
  • 3 contestants will win a 6-month supply of PrimaSkin ($360 Value). 
  • 3 contestants will win a 1-year supply of PrimaSkin ($720 Value).
  • Grand Prize Winner will win $1,500. 


 “My Face Doesn’t Look Good Enough to Win.”  Wrong Again! 

If you think, “My face just doesn’t look good,” or, “I’m not ‘photogenic’”, or, “My skin looks terrible,”” then you are EXACTLY the person who could win.  The BEST “before and after’s” usually come from someone who has a “bad” before!  And PrimaSkin makes EVERY face feel and look better.



1.    Click on the link below to purchase PrimaSkin

2.    Use the coupon code: "CONTEST" to receive $25 off.

3.    Take your “before” picture before you start using PrimaSkin.

4.    Take your “after” pictures in the same location. (Take after pictures after 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks.)

5.    Email your before picture along with your three after pictures to ""


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