Facial Mists: Are They Worth It?

You’ve probably seen a facial mist at one point or another that claim wonderful effects without the manual labor. Ah, the magic of being able to spritz your face and enjoy benefits others are paying through the nose for, in time and money. It sounds too good to be true- but it’s not!

Face mists are catching fire because they work (some better than others) and they are extremely easy to apply. We recommend doing research on what ingredients your facial mist should have for your particular skin type and your desired results. There is a facial mist we recommend for EVERY skin type- PrimaSkin of course!!

PrimaSkin is different than every other facial mist on the market- and we’ll explain why. It’s not JUST our amazing blend of antioxidants and awesomeness, it’s also the delivery system we’ve developed. We’ve created a method that nano sizes our ingredients, shrinking them down to a nearly incomprehensible smallness. If we imagined the size of the US to be the size of our pores, it is like a smart car trying to fit into the US. Seems like it would be extremely easy for the nano sized ingredients to absorb into the skin, right? Right! That's not the only unique aspect of our mist! We also have a unique blend of antioxidants that work hard for your skin! With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, curcumin, collagen, glutathione and more, we’ve just got this facial mist thing down. 

As far as other facial mists go, we’ll leave that decision up to you- but make sure to give a facial mist a try! You may just be amazed by what you find.

If you want to learn more about nano technology and how it works, read our previous blog “Why Does Nano Technology Matter In My Skin Care.”

Stay lovely!

The PrimaSkin Team

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