Anxiety, Skin Care, and Answers

I think we all want an answer to the question, “When will this craziness end?” Now you may have assumed I was talking about one thing or another, but it was a completely vague sentence. Whatever came to your mind is the chatter that is continually in the background, using up energy that you didn’t even know you had, let alone were spending it on things that cause anxiety. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today- Anxiety.

Yes, there are many people who are clinically anxious who require medication and other practices to help them overcome it. But I want to talk about the entire spectrum- from clinical anxiety, to the every day anxiety you feel when you are looking for a parking spot and someone behind you is getting impatient; the twinge of panic you feel when you almost drop your phone on the tile; that unnerving feeling of someone watching you. All of these examples spark anxious feelings, and most of the time we ignore them. But guess what? Your skin can’t.

Your skin, our largest organ, is constantly absorbing the environment around us, but we may be less aware of the internal environment it deals with on the daily. It is a well known fact that your worry shows up on your face, in more ways than your expression. “Feelings of emotional distress lead to the release of a stress hormone called cortisol,” Dr. Ahmed explains in a Vogue article discussing the effects of anxiety on skin released in October. He continues, “…[it] delays healing, disrupts the skin’s natural barrier and affects the immune system, making it less able to defend itself.”

Needless to say, our skin can suffer in many, many ways from our stress. That’s why it is so important to implement self care routines that include taking care of both our minds and bodies. Ten minutes of stress relieving activities a day will not only enhance your natural glow, but will also increase your skin’s ability to maintain it’s youth. So do your skin a favor- take care of yourself?


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Stay lovely,

Xoxo the PrimaSkin Team